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Gwen Hutto

Gwen  Hutto
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      “To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money and that is sincerity and integrity” -Douglas Adams Gwen made the move to Real Estate after a family member had a poor experience buying a home and she knew that the role of a Real Estate Agent had to be treated with sincerity and integrity and she knew was just the person that could give this whole heartily to her clients. For well over 20 years Gwen has been a managing partner with a local appraisal firm that handles the appraisal requests from the Federal Bankruptcy Courts. She and her partner pride themselves with the care they handle each case and with over 30,000 appraisals performed by the company and their reputation speaks for itself. However, when the economy is doing well the appraisals business is slow and Gwen made the move to Real-Estate in early 2018. Gwen has taken that same level of integrity and pride in her work product and applied it to her real estate business and has been very successful in her endeavors. You will hear Gwen say “If anything is worth doing it is worth doing well” and all you have to do is look back at the various community programs and organizations that she has involved herself with and the success of each of the organizations. Most recently she and a fellow friend started a mom’s support group and in 2019 it will be in its 5th year with outstanding growth and stability to show for the effort. Before Gwen and her husband decided to have children, Gwen volunteered as a regional director for the Upper Room Ministries and traveled training at various leadership development events all over the SE United States. Gwen was also heavily involved in the local Pilot Club of Fort Myers since 2003 which educates and supports the local community in brain safety awareness of which included fitting and giving out bike helmets to children, teaching children about how to stay safe and brought Project LifeSaver to the Lee County Sheriffs Dept. . Now a days you will find her in her down time zipping all around her little farm with her two kids and a chicken or two in tow. She is in ongoing training to master high stress negotiations, multi-tasking at an accelerated level of productivity and de-escalation of physiological warfare all of which she jokingly calls MOTHERHOOD.

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